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Mechanical Engineering & Design

Gyro-Stabilized Platforms & Multi-Axis Gimbal Design

Multi-Axis Gimbal

Multi-Axis Gimbal

Created a more efficient, open architecture for a new gyro-stabilized platform that allowed packaging of larger payloads with multiple Electro-Optical (EO) and Infrared (IR) sensors with superior HD imaging resolution. From concept to detailed design, 20/20 Engineering has set and met very aggressive goals aimed at creating the best system in the industry with superior stability, light weight, easy access, reduced complexity and assembly time, at significant cost savings.    

EO/IR Payload Design

300MP Sensor for Wide Area Photogrammetry and Persistent Surveillance

300MP Sensor for Wide Area Photogrammetry and Persistent Surveillance

Designed several Multi-Sensor Imaging/Laser Payloads for Airborne Surveillance and Reconnaissance. The modular Payload design allows for using a suite of interchangeable High Definition (HD) Electro-Optical (EO), Infrared (IR) and Laser sensors. CAE including stress, vibration and thermal analysis were used for weight optimization and to ensure that system will perform well over harsh environmental conditions. The design provided easy access for sensor boresighting, maintenance and precise balancing.

Electronic Enclosures for Airborne, Ground and Shipboard Systems

Hardware design for electronic enclosures that satisfy all aerospace and defense product requirement, like DO160, MIL-STD 810. Light-weight, rugged Enclosures were optimized for Harsh environments specific to fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft including sine-on random vibrations and shocks are simulated using CAE to optimize the structure response to weight Several design from passenger aircraft Various applications ranging from aircraft to marine systems including:
  • Landing Gear Steering Control Unit, LGSCU
  • Electronic Control Modules, ECM
  • Auxiliary Power Units, APU
  • Differential Braking Control Unit, DBCU
  • Full Authority Digital Engine Control, FADEC
Data Storage Rack

Avionics Enclosure, LGSCU

Data Storage Rack

Avionics Enclosure, ECM

Shock and Vibration Isolation Systems

Offset Isolator

Offset Isolator

20/20 Engineering created numerous custom shock and vibration isolation systems for airborne, shipboard and marine applications. Isolation systems employ various off-the-shelf or custom designed elastic and dampening components. CAE and analytical methods were used to tailor the isolators for severe environments including harmonic and random vibration, operational and crash shocks.

Heat Exchangers & Thermal Design

Conceptualized and developed high efficiency Heat Exchangers designed to extend the operational envelope of EO/IR Turrets. These compact and rugged Heat Exchangers are currently being used in harsh environments on numerous airborne or ground applications. Although most units use hybrid cooling, designs employing active cooling elements for extreme environments have also been developed.
Pancake Heat Exchanger

Pancake Heat Exchanger


Payload Cooling Design


Designed and engineered various aluminum alloy investment castings for a variety of applications in the aerospace an defense sectors including gimbals, housings and electronic chassis. Structural analysis tools were used to optimize the designs for weight and strength.  


Working closely with composites suppliers allowed 20/20 Engineering to design and engineer complex light weight carbon-fiber composite structures used in the aerospace industry.