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Electronic Enclosures for Airborne Systems

Hardware design for electronic enclosures that satisfy aerospace and defense product requirements such as RTCA/DO-160 & MIL-STD-810.  

Data Storage Rack, Geo-Mapping

Data Storage Rack, Geo-Mapping

Light-weight, rugged avionics enclosures designed for harsh environments specific to various fixed and rotary-wing aircraft. Vibration and shocks simulated using CAE – Response Analysis to optimize the structure and minimize stresses induced in electronic components. Thermal analysis used to assist and verify cooling design to ensure survivability with temperature and altitude.
Various applications ranging from avionics to marine systems include:  

  • Processing and Storage Units
  • Landing Gear Steering Control Unit, LGSCU
  • Electronic Control Modules, ECM
  • Auxiliary Power Units, APU
  • Differential Braking Control Unit, DBCU
  • Full Authority Digital Engine Control, FADEC