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Broadcast & Entertainment

broadcast & entertainment aerial filming

broadcast & entertainment aerial filming

20/20 Engineering has been involved in the design and development of various generations of gyro-stabilized camera systems for the broadcast, entertainment and commercial sectors:  

  • Aerial camera systems for Cinematography and Electronics News Gathering (ENG)
  • Quick interchange mounts for digital or film camera and lens combinations
  • Multi-Axis Gimbals
  • Shock and Vibration Isolation Systems
  • Major contributor to Pictorvision Eclipse™

Academy Award winning ‘Pictorvision Eclipse™’

20/20 Engineering was an integral part in the design and development of Academy Award winning Pictorvision Eclipse™, that “allows cinematographers to capture aerial footage at faster flying speeds with aggressive platform maneuvering”. From concept to detailed design and analysis 20/20 Engineering was responsible for:  

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